B2B / B2C:
Alta Vista
Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc.
Brightware, Inc.
Fortify Software
MIPS Technologies
Southern California Edison

Agouron Institute
California Institute of Technology
Ninth Planet
University of California San Francisco

20th Century Fox Studios (Fox Digital Media)
Aero Mock-Ups, Inc.
Mondo Media
Motion Picture Editors Guild
The Walt Disney Company

Halogen Guides

Amgen, Inc.
NeuroRepair, Inc.
Stetson Powell Orthopedics

Real Estate:

Federated Stores
Levi Strauss & Co.
MarVac Electronics
Wedding Channel

Services provided for my clients :
UX strategy
User interface design
Information architecture
User research & analysis
Usability/heuristic analysis
Web, mobile, and set top box application design

In addition to my corporate client work, I provide pro-bono work for local and national non-profits such as, Operation Arthroscopy, and Taproot Foundation.

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As most of my UX and IA work is proprietary to my clients and their projects, I am unable to show those examples online.  However, I do have my most recent client work examples available to show if an in-person interview / meeting is requested.

Most of my portfolio is only available to show in person, due to the proprietary nature of my work and client projects.


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